Piranha Gear was a martial arts supply company based in San Jose, California. Started originally in 2004, it became a “full-time gig” in January of 2007. It was run (with glee and stoicism) by the owner, Bill Herndon, until the end of April 2018. Bill’s background in martial arts started in 1980 with Kenpo (which he still does!) and a very heavy dose of other styles – especially Aikido, Koga (a law enforcement variation of Aikido), and HEMA (fencing with “real” swords).

If you really REALLY still want a shirt or something, you can try emailing PersonalService@PiranhaGear.com.  Bill will sometimes go through the emails until the spam proportion outweighs anything of significance. No guarantee that it will get a timely response, but it’s the most likely way to get in touch with someone at this point.

PLEASE put a bunch of “@@@@@”s together at the start of the subject line to help it stand out from any spam.

The Twitter profile is still up at the moment, so a direct message to @PiranhaGear might also work.  Also a comment on one of the blog posts might trigger some response… 😉

And yes – sad to close, but everyone ended up OK in the end.

On to the next chapter…


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